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College Counseling Services

College Application Coaching

In order to help your student find the best college for them, I offer guidance and advice on the college admission process from A to Z. Every student will have a different journey, but the process generally includes some or all of the following:

  • Choosing high school classes and activities

  • Exploring majors or careers of interest

  • Building a strategic and exciting college list

  • Crafting the college essay

  • Completing applications

  • Evaluating college support services for neurodivergent students or students with learning differences

  • Applying for financial aid and scholarships

  • Choosing the best college option to celebrate on decision day

Comprehensive Application Coaching Package

This is the most hassle-free way to make sure your student is on the right track. We’ll meet regularly on Zoom or in-person and I’ll communicate with your student via email or text to provide support between appointments. Students can start working with PVCC as early as 9th grade or as late as senior year. Book an introductory meeting with me to learn more about the process!

Hourly Consulting Options

For students and families that are seeking more targeted advice, hourly consulting is available. We’ll work together to determine the topics and goals of each meeting. Blocks of 5 or 10 hours are available at a discount.

Group Sessions and Workshops

Does your organization or homeschool group need some in-depth help with part of the college application process? I can design and facilitate a tailored workshop. Send me an email to discuss what topics would best serve your students, families, or educators. 

Academic Coaching Services

Academic Coaching

When a student is struggling with the content of a course, they can turn to the instructor or a tutor for help. What do you do when it’s not the content, but rather the time management and organization skills needed to complete the work that pose a challenge? In academic coaching, we focus on finding organization and study methods that work for the student. Over time, students will learn skills that they can apply to future classes in high school, college, and beyond.

During academic coaching sessions, our primary focus is completing assignments and study tasks for the upcoming week. To do that, we may work on skills like: 

  • Goal setting

  • Prioritizing assignments or tasks

  • Creating an effective study routine

  • Getting back on track after missing assignments

  • Reading strategies

  • Planning, writing, and revising written assignments

  • When and how to ask for help from an instructor

  • Reflecting on outcomes and applying lessons learned

Wondering if academic coaching is right for your student? Schedule a free consultation with me to learn more!

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Want to learn more about services and rates? Send me an email or book a free consultation!

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